About Us
Philosophy and Approach:  As a Marriage and Family
Therapist I prescribe to the philosophy of my profession, which
views the treatment of individual, couples, and families as
interconnected systems. This systemic approach also focuses
on the various contextual factors (cultural, societal, and,
political) that may influence family function, development, and
growth. Thus, my theoretical approach is based on the System
theory when providing services to individuals, couples, and
families. I also have a strong educational and professional
background in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and utilize
many CBT techniques in my therapeutic practice.  I have also
been trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
Formal Education and Training:  I hold a Masters of
Education Degree (Marriage and Family Specialization) from
the University of Oregon. My major course work included:
Family theory, Introduction to family therapy, Families across
the life cycle, Research methods, Gender and ethnicity, Stress
and family crisis intervention, Psychopathology and behavior
deviations, and Professional and ethical issues in family
therapy. I also have fifteen years of experience working with
families in clinical, community, and professional settings.
As a licensee of the Oregon Board of Licensed
Professional Counselors and Therapists
, I abide by its
Code of Ethics. As such, I am required to participate in annual
continuing education, taking classes dealing with subjects
relevant to this profession. I may substitute professional
supervision for part of this requirement.
I am a AAMFT member in good standing.